Mama's Barangay

UPDATE: Since I'm not currently operating just yet, my previously planned event will be postponed until I can get back up and running!

What is Mama's Barangay all about?


"Barangay" is a Filipino word that basically means neighborhood, village, or district.

When I started American Pinoy, I knew that I didn't simply want to have a traditional business to make money. Instead, I wanted to build a social enterprise that was sustainable, helped to educate people about Filipino/Filipino-American (Fil-Am) people, culture, and themes, and also to share about the person my mother was.

In 2012, less than one week after returning to California from a month-long grad school trip in the Philippines and also spending time with my mother there, she was brutally and tragically murdered in her home. The last 5 years have been an emotional roller coaster for me and it resulted in a major spiritual crisis of faith, doubt, and uncertainty. 

I still don't have the answers I'm looking for. But I decided that I can heal and move forward while living in the questions. I don't *really* know *where* my mother is now - but where ever she is, in my mind she is in a place called "Mama's Barangay."


As a community event, I want Mama's Barangay to be a safe space for all of us to remember and honor our loved ones who have passed away. I think of her when I cook so we'll have food. We'll give you an opportunity to eat some Filipino food (traditional/fusion). We'll have entertainment. We'll invite a community group to share about the work they are doing. I also want it to be organic so we'll see what else happens!

YOU can bring a framed photo (or without frame) of your loved one(s) that have passed and place it next to the framed photo of my Mama.

In my grief, it was easy for me to isolate. In my healing, Mama's Barangay is my way of inviting you to journey with me - not for the answers but for the comfort of community. I hope you'll join me!